SSB batteries are a 100% Australian owned and operated battery and battery charger manufacturer. From humble beginnings operating out of a van in the western suburbs of Sydney, NSW in the early 90's, Super Start Batteries have grown to be one of the largest motorcycle battery and vehicle battery suppliers in Australia. Here at MXstore we stock a huge range of SSB Powersports batteries to suit nearly every make and model of motorbike, both on and off road. Whether you are on a Honda or KTM motocross machine, a Kawasaki or Yamaha dirt bike or even a Suzuki scooter, we have the battery type and size to deliver the cold cranking amps needed to fire your pride and joy to life. As motorcycles have evolved and developed into more high tech pieces of machinery, the reliance on the battery has never been as critical. While there are several different types of batteries that a dirt bike might use, the primary 2 types are the lead acid battery and lithium battery. Lead acid batteries tend to be cheaper than their lithium counterparts, perform better in colder conditions but come at the expense of weight and battery life. Recent developments of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) lead acid batteries has improved the reliability, performance and and ability to cop a beating over the earlier wet cell offerings. Lithium batteries have developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, and tend to offer a lighter weight and a longer usage life. Along with our large range of SSB Lithium and Lead Acid/AGM batteries, here at MXstore we also stock a huge range of parts and accessories to keep your moto running, as well as improve it's performance if desired. Whether your wishlist is the basics such as spark plugs, dirt bike brake pads or a new seat cover, or you are ramping things up with a new muffler to give your enduro weapon a bit more bark, take a look at our massive range of dirt bike parts and accessories.