Lithium Ion Batteries are one of the leading battery styles on modern motocross and enduro bikes. Lead acid batteries are very heavy compared to a lithium battery which can make a difference when racing your dirt bike. From OEM most KTMHusqvarnaHondaYamahaKawasaki and Suzuki models come with a AGM battery. Our aftermarket options are extremely useful and can out perform a standard battery in cold weather as well as being of featherweight. The discharge rate on a new lithium iron motorcycle battery is more efficient than standard and provides equal if not more CCA (cold cranking amps). 

Lithium-ion batteries are also more eco-friendly and contain relatively low levels of toxic heavy metals found in lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium dirt bike batteries. They have a higher density as well as being extremely low maintenance for more charge cycles and a lower self discharge rate. These batteries are typically a little more expensive but offer a greater performance and reliability threshold than standard alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries generally have a longer life span with higher cranking amps and offer better resistance to drainage over time. They hold charge better and also can withstand more charge cycles when plugged into one of our high quality trickle chargers. Ensure you are always charged up and checkout the range of Battery Chargers we stock to be ready for power sports on your motorbike with a new battery!