For the rider that chases lifestyle over working for the man and would love nothing more than to be on a dirt bike the entire week instead of behind a desk or on the tools, Shift is the brand for you. A brand that aligns themselves with being bold and fearless and providing armour for the purist. Shift is the brand that wants you to have the most fun and enjoy the ride no matter where your dirt bike takes you. For the solo adventurist or the one that rides in a pack - Shift motocross gear has got your back. 

If you love running gear that not only looks epic but is also super durable and comfortable then check out the full range of Shift gear sets. Choose from the entry-level WHIT3 label for an affordable range that is only a few tech features away from being its big brother, premium 3LACK label. This gear is some boss looking stuff. With a minimalist, stealthy line-up this year that perfectly aligns with the brand's core values, you'll no doubt love it just as much as we do and will be running it for seasons to come. 

Team up your fav Shift gear set with the matching pair of Shift gloves to complete your look. With glove options designed to do whatever and go wherever, you'll be sure to find something that can handle your level of punishment. For those seeking an entry-level pair of gloves that can still pack a serious punch then opt for the Shift WHIT3 label range, or for something a little more robust and premium check out a pair of 3LACK label gloves. If you're someone who loves versatility in your gear then you'll love the Recon glove range that can do it all and put up with a fairly bad fall.