Seven helmets are for those that love Bell helmets and the Seven brand. Bell is the best in the helmet business, continually leading the way with a huge emphasis on product R&D, impressing us with their innovative technology year after year. Seven MX is a brand that wouldn't collab with just anyone. Their mission is to push the boundaries and re-define limits, and understand that such attitude requires advanced MX protective gear and helmets that can pack a punch and potentially save your life. When you take the superior safety and advanced technology of a Bell helmet, combine it with Seven's rad designs and epic colourways, and throw in a bit of James Stewart's personality for good measure, you know you're onto something good. 

Seven MX has made their collab MX helmets accessible for everyone with varying price points on offer to suit all budgets. For those that froth on these lids as much as we do but aren't in the financial position to hand over large wads of money then you'll love the entry-level Bell/Seven MX-9 helmets that we think are fairly affordable when you consider whats inside the box. We think the inclusion of innovative MIPS technology that has revolutionized the head protection industry is pretty generous of them, and when you've got Seven's stand-out branding wrapped around the shell in all its glory, it definitely represents brilliant value-for-money.

Got a little more coin available to invest in a premium-level helmet with a few more features? Then check out the Bell / Seven Moto-9 Flex helmet for the absolute best head protection that money can buy. These things also include MIPs protection but also have a string of other features that make this helmet comfortable as hell. A new segmented liner gives you a super precise fit that is adjustable and versatile. Bell claims that their testing phase of the Moto-9 Flex helmet confirmed that this is the most advanced helmet they've ever made and has set a new standard in helmet technology. A fully adjustable visor, integrated vented roost guard, carbon composite shell construction, MERS system, and a magnetic strap keeper, among many other features, all contribute to this helmet being unmatched when it comes to the perfect blend of form and function 

Whichever helmet within the Seven range you opt for, whether it be the MX-9 or Moto-9 Flex, you really can't go wrong. For the raddest helmet collab that we've seen to date, check out the full range of Seven MX helmets today!