Seven Combos are an easy way for you to shop for you're favourite matching gear within the Seven ranges. This 'Build Your Bundle' style concept will save you time, money, and energy, eliminating the need to trawl through web pages trying to find the matching pants to a Seven jersey that you like the look of, or the matching MX gloves to a gear set, or boots that are designed to go with the lot. We've done all the hard work for you and provided you with a 'one-stop-shop' that will make shopping for your next motocross gear purchase an absolute breeze. 

Seven Annex combos are your entry-level option that is designed to be super durable, comfortable, and ventilated, and for the price, we think this range is an absolute steal. Purchase as little as a pair of Seven Annex gloves within the Annex combo offering or build your bundle up, with the option of adding an Annex jersey and pants along with an epic pair of Gaerne SG-12 boots

Seven Rival combos are a premium offering of a Rival jersey and pants, along with Rival gloves and Gaerne SG-12 boots. These MX combos look absolutely epic and perform just as well as they look. Designed and ridden by James Stewart himself, you can be sure that what you're buying has been tried and tested by one of the most legendary riders in the game.

Seven Zero combos are some pretty advanced, versatile gear. Zero jerseys consist of a 2-piece compression jersey that reduces muscle fatigue so that you can ride for longer, worn with a Seven over-jersey which is super ventilated with a tailored athletic fit for minimal drag. This is teamed up with a pair of Seven Zero pants and Zero gloves. 

Check out the full range of Seven combos today for an easy way to shop for your favourite matching gear within the Seven ranges!