Scott is well known for offering one of the more impressive lineups of motocross goggles in the market, so it's no surprise that their range of replacement goggle lenses is held in the same high regard. Honestly, spare goggle lenses are extremely underrated when it comes to dirt bike riding, with many people unaware of just how big of a difference it can make to ensure your goggles have the right lens in them for the conditions you are riding in. You don't want to turn up on a cloudy, overcast day with a dark tinted lens in your goggles, any more than you want to be out on the track in the blazing sun with a clear lens. You'd be amazed at the difference it can make to be equipped with right goggle lens at the right time, so if you're someone who chooses to ride with Scott Goggles, do yourself a favour and stock up on a couple of different options of Scott Goggle Lenses.

The Scott Prospect Lenses are one of the more popular lines of replacement lenses we stock, and considering the popularity of the Scott Prospect Goggles themselves, we're certainly not surprised. What does surprise us is that you're still here, reading this, rather than investing in some replacement goggle lenses already! Trust us when we say, it will not be a decision that you regret. Keep in mind that all orders at MXstore over $20 will score you free standard shipping on your items, so grab yourself some spare Scott goggle lenses today and enjoy your free freight! As always guys, Ride Safe.