No line of motocross goggles is complete without a huge array of replacement lenses available, and you better believe that the Scott Prospect Goggles are no exception. Here at MXstore we stock the full range of spare lenses for your Prospect goggles, in all the colours of the rainbow! In all seriousness though, you'd be amazed at just how different riding with the correct goggle lens to suit the current conditions really is, opening up your vision like you would never believe. There's not a whole lot that's more important than your vision when you're riding your dirt bike, so it's something that you want to make sure you're well equipped for, no matter what mother nature decides to throw your way. Different lens tints will be suited to a wide range of conditions, and as an added bonus, the different colours are a great way of making your kit look epic!

Now keep in mind when you're looking at your Prospect Goggle Lenses that all orders over $20 will score you free shipping to anywhere in the country, so your best bet would be to grab a couple of lens options at once. Not only will your goggle bag be thanking you for it when you're all stocked up, but your wallet will also be praising you for saving on that freight! Please get in touch with our customer service crew if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to the Scott Prospect Lenses, and otherwise, as always legends, Ride Safe.