POD K4 Knee Braces are some of the best in the business. Whilst not quite as advanced as their big brother in the POD K8 Carbon braces, the K4's still pack a serious punch when it comes to protecting one of the most vital joints in your body. The K4 braces feature the same Human Motion system as the K8's, designed to mimic the ligaments of your knee to reduce the strain that is placed on your own in the event of an accident. While the K8 Knee Braces are made of up of carbon fibre frames for lightweight protection, the K4 braces feature rigid glass reinforced polymer frames which, while they are a little heavier than the carbon options, are extremely strong and durable. The K4 Knee Braces will certainly not let you down when it comes to putting them to the test, with many of our MXstore customers rating them as "the best knee braces they've ever worn".

Be sure to jump on and check out a POD K4 Knee Brace set to see exactly how good these things are, with a full list of product features and additional imagery available to give you a better understanding of what these braces are and what they do. Coming from someone who has suffered some serious knee injuries in the past, they're not an injury you want to take a chance with, and in this case, prevention is absolutely 100% better than a cure. Investing in a set of K4 knee braces could well be one of the best decisions you'll ever make, and your knees will certainly be thanking you for it in the unfortunate event that do have a big crash. Or even a small crash! That's the thing with knees; they're extremely fickle, and you'd be very surprised and just how easy it can be to suffer a serious injury if you're not adequately protected.

For more info on knee braces and what you want to look for when purchasing yourself a set (or just one), be sure to check out our MXstore Knee Brace Buying Guide, which is loaded with helpful information and handy tips on what to look for and why!