Oakley O-Frame tear-offs will get you through a long day of riding when there's mud, roost, dust and all sorts of flying things wanting a piece of your Oakley O-Frame goggles. When the going gets tough and you can no longer see, tear-offs are the solution. With just a quick pull on the tear-off tab, you can go from being able to see next to nothing, to perfect vision so that you can avoid a collision. Dirty MX goggles are not only annoying and cause eye strain, but they also make it super hard to read ground conditions and changes in the dirt. This can be fairly hazardous and massively increases your risk of having a major stack - and no one wants that. 

Available in varying pack sizes including a 14pk, 25pk, or a 28pk, no matter what amount of bad weather riding your doing or budget that you have available, there's a suitable packet of tear-offs for your needs. Check out the full range of Oakley O-Frame tear-offs today and go from zero vision to perfect vision in an instant.