Oakley O-Frame goggles are an entry-level line-up of goggles from the brand we all know, love, and respect as the pioneers in goggle technology. If you're in the market for a perfectly crafted yet affordable MX goggle then look no further, you won't find better than a pair of Oakley O-Frames that tick all those boxes plus many more. It's not often you find a pair of affordable entry-level goggles that have a super comfortable triple-layer face-foam for secure cushioning against your face. The Lexan lenses on these bad boys are scratch and fog resistant for peace of mind knowing that you can take a tumble and they won't come out all beaten up with vision obscuring scratches ruining your day. 

Whether you're new to riding, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned veteran wanting a spare set for the gear bag, the Oakley O-Frames will get the job done without breaking the bank. The O-Frame range comes in a huge range of styles and designs depending on your riding conditions and preferences. Whether you're after an Oakley O-Frame roll-off goggle, a pair with standard lenses to keep costs down, or a pair with Iridium lenses in various tints and shades, you'll be sure to find a pair of O-Frames to suit your budget and preference. Check out the full range of Oakley O-Frame goggles today and get kitted up with some great performing race goggles that won't blow the budget.