Oakley O-Frame goggle lenses are a colourful line-up of super durable 100% UV filtered, impact resistant, anti-fog Lexan lenses in a wide variety of colours to suit all kinds of riding conditions. Whether you're riding in overcast dark lighting, or a super bright and glary summers day, there's an O-Frame lens to suit your needs. Having a few spare lenses on hand is a good option when you're out for a long day of riding in case something goes wrong and you cop a deep scratch to your lens. It's always a good idea to have a few spares in your goggle bag to quickly change out a busted lens. A huge range of colours on offer also means you can change your lense according to what gear set your running and complete your race look. Give your Oakley O-frame goggles a new look in an instant and check out the full range of O-Frame lenses today!