Motorex Air Filters are one of the more popular lines of dirt bike air filters we sell here at MXstore, and we think we've figured out why - you guys are all as lazy as we are! Seriously, cleaning and oiling your air filter after a big weekend away riding is almost mission impossible, and we can never find time to do it when we're heading out for a ride on the coming weekend. Luckily the guys at Motorex decided to bring out some pre-oiled air filters, so you don't even need to worry about doing it yourself! Of course, if you're as busy as we are (and as hopeless when it comes to organising a ride day), you only need to do it once in a blue moon anyway, but hey, it's the principle that counts right.

For all you extremely organised and dedicated riders out there who don't mind the old air filter maintenance, Motorex also makes a huge range of your standard dirt bike air filters which come in at a very affordable price. So while you're grabbing your Motorex Air Filter Oil and Motorex Air Filter Cleaners, you may as well grab yourself a few Motorex Air Filters as well! They're a brand that knows a thing or two about this kind of stuff, having been making these products and many others like them for over 100 years now. They've even put together a useful little air filter maintenance video which we've chucked down below for you guys, so you can see what you're supposed to be doing with your air filters. And if it makes things any easier for you guys, we offer free freight on all orders over $20 on our Motorex Air Filters, so hopefully that can ease the financial pain a little.