Motorex 10w60 4 Stroke Oil is the OEM oil of the current line of 250 and 350 KTM and Husqvarna four stroke dirt bike models, so you know this stuff is the real deal. Designed specifically for use in these high performing European engines, the 10w60 oil is a high grade oil that is designed specifically for aggressive power, whilst still offering premium protection to the engine. Fully synthetic and 100% race proven, the 10w60 Motorex Oil has been developed directly with Factory KTM race teams all over the world, and when it comes to premium performance in your engine, gearbox, and clutch, it's hard to find another range of oil that even comes close. Whether you're a top-level supercross racer or you just enjoy hitting the trails on the weekend, this is without a doubt the oil that you should be running.

All orders here at MXstore on Motorex 10w60 4 stroke oil over the $20 mark will be coming your way care of free standard shipping, so you can worry less about paying additional postage costs and more about getting the best oil you can for your bike. And to try and make things as easy as we can, we've also got the legends at MXstore to chuck together this handy little how-to video guide on doing an oil change on your machine, so if you're at all unsure of what you're doing, or you just want to try and pick up some quick tips along the way, we highly recommend giving it a watch. Ride Safe legends!