M2R X4.5 Helmets are the premium helmet in the M2R motocross helmet range, and these things are the actual definition of the M2R brand - Made 2 Race! Building upon the success of the M2R X4 helmet, the X4.5 features the all new M2R X-HALO technology, a patent-pending material that changes at a molecular level to absorb impacts and reduce the forces transferred through to your brain. A lot of technical jargon, but this is some pretty groundbreaking technology that strives towards the ultimate goal of any motocross helmet - protect your head. 

The X4.5 features a host of other impressive technologies often only found in helmets nearing the dreaded $1000 mark, making for an incredibly attractive helmet at the price point that it's at. Now, that's not to discredit those more expensive helmets, as they offer some pretty impressive protection themselves, but the X4.5 really does represent value for money when it comes to a high end motocross helmet. Throw into the mix that M2R is an Australian born and bred motocross brand, and we're definitely on to a winner here! 

If you're curious to learn more about motocross helmet technologies and what they offer the consumer, be sure to check out our MXstore Motocross Helmet Buying Guide for a whole bunch of info that will leave you well equipped to choose the right helmet for you. But if you don't mind us saying so, the M2R X4.5 will certainly not let you down.