Tyres are a super important part of your motocross or enduro bike as it provides the traction your dirt bike requires to push you forward as effectively as possible. IRC offroad tyres are a high-performance dirt bike tyre for your soft terrain, intermediate terrains and hard terrains for all disciplines of dirt bike riding. IRC tyres have an incredibly strong sidewall and competitive knobby pattern across the entire range. IRC Tyres are right at the pointy end of the market among the likes of PirelliMichelinKenda and Bridgestone across all tyre sizes and heavy-duty compounds.

IRC Tyres also do a range of dual-purpose motorcycle tyres and scooter tyres at an incredibly affordable price range to ensure you are achieving your goals and enhancing the capability of your dirtbike when replacing the OEM tyres! Depending on your rim size we also offer a range of tubeless systems in case you were looking to change your setup.