When it comes time to replace the worn out tyres on your ATV, UTV or SxS, you can't go wrong with a set of Innova Tyres.  These 6ply off road specific quad and ATV tyres come in several different compounds and knobby tread patterns to provide the best performance in the widest variety of conditions - no matter the machine. Whether you are hitting up an enduro on your Honda or Yamaha quadbike, chasing a UTV tyre for your Kawasaki farm workhorse or in need of a heavy duty solution for your Polaris SxS, Innova have a wide variety of offerings to suit most off road 4 wheel devices - perhaps just not for the golf cart.  Their Mud Gear tread design has proven a hit for plenty of Aussie quad bike users, with a strong sidewall and ample tread depth allowing for tried and tested performance in a majority of conditions.