Gaerne SG-10 Boots may be the little brother of their more advanced big brother in the SG-12's, but that's not going to take away from how incredible these boots are in their own right. Still very much a premium boot despite the price drop compared to the SG-12, the Gaerne SG-10's are a proven performer in terms of durability, performance, comfort, and looks. And to be honest, there's not much more to look for in a set of motocross boots. You know the quality is going to be there coming from a brand like Gaerne, and given the host of safety features and advanced technologies on offer in the boots, we'd really struggle to find a bad word to say about the SG-10 boots.

Gaerne's Razor Back Pivot System makes an appearance in the SG10 boots, offering one of the highest levels of ankle protection that a motocross boot can offer.. The dual pivot Razor Back Pivot System provides strong lateral support to the rider, and works to prevent ankle twisting without compromising the flexibility of the boot or a rider's comfort level. Designed with safety at the forefront of the boot while still holding a strong focus on fit and comfort, the SG-10 nails that balance to create one of the most user friendly boots on the market that still offers an extremely high level of protection to the wearer. There's also a solid lineup of colour options in the Gaerne SG-10's here at MXstore, so there should really be something here for everyone.

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