Fox Wallets are the perfect protection for your pennies. Preferably you're running more notes than coins but either way, Fox Wallets will stash your important money matters in an efficient, well-thought-out manner for you to access quickly so that you can spend fast, or save...whatever it is you do with your money. If you're a saver than these MX wallets are perfect for those who have bulk money, loyalty cards, random business cards, and receipts from 4 years ago. Their roomy interior will cater for all such hauding yet its streamlined exterior will do its best to hide it from the outside world and people that may want to get their hands on your Sushi Train loyalty card that has more points than you'd know what to do with. 

With a large range of sizes and configurations, including a portrait and landscape design (if that's a thing), with ample slots to stash your credit cards and nice little zippered compartments for coins and other such small items, this wallet will be the perfect life companion for all of your expensive adventures.

If you're vegan or on a budget you'll love the non-leather PU options that pretty much look like leather anyway but hasn't been made out of cow. For those who are definitely OK with consuming meat and/or aren't so much on a budget than the leather option may be more up your alley. Either way, there's plenty of options here many of which suit a lot of the Fox backpacks or gear bag ranges. Check out the full range of Fox Wallets today and get a handle on your hundies.