Fox is one of the Top-tier off-road moto-x and MTB/BMX brands globally. Fox Racing has made a huge impact on the motocross scene with their popular colours and styles in dirt bike gear and they have continued this trend with the Fox t-shirt line.

Through the large range of Fox motocross gear on offer, the styles and colours have been matched in the apparel section to give motocross and mountain bike riders the opportunity to cross their favourite setup with all passions. Fox use similar patterns and colourways through the hoodies, sweatshirt, motocross t-shirttank tops and even across the fox gear bag range to keep everything consistent and looking great at all times. 

Across the 3 pages of Sleeve tee's and premium t-shirt's, there are varying sizes available which are indicated right below each product window for ease of navigation and shopping. There are sizing charts available in each product to make online shopping a little less painful when adding Fox items to your wishlist upon all other products available from fox such as beanies, stickers, pullover hoodies!

If you are still unsure of your sizing or have any further questions feel free to use the live chat on our website or leave an enquiry for our customer service team to assist you further!