Fox Titan Race knee guards will keep your knees safe and protect you from all sorts of harm that the track or trails throw at you. If you're nursing an injury, or you just don't want one in the first place, then pad yourself up with some good quality MX knee guards that you can rely on. Being in the moto game for well over a decade now, you can count on Fox to keep you safe. If you're after a good quality pair of knee guards that won't break the bank then these are a great option. Priding itself on having zero restrictions and having the ultimate comfort fit, these guards are a staple item to chuck in the gear bag.

The knee is a complex joint and is not something that heals easily - if at all. Do yourself a favour and chuck on a pair of lightweight, unrestrictive knee guards that'll get the job done. Not only are these a super reliable pair of guards but they're also great value-for-money when you take into consideration the quality products that Fox pumps out time and time again. Even their mid-range or entry-level products have that premium feel about them and are built with the same quality craftsmanship as the top-of-the-range lines. 

Check out the full range of Fox Titan Race knee guards today and avoid a blown out knee and time off the track.