Fox Tear Offs will have you seeing clearly in an instant with just one quick pull of a tab. When you're on the track or trails and you've got a face full of roost and rain and you want nothing more than to clear it all away for an unhindered ride then nothing beats a bunch of tear-offs. Wiping your goggles on the back of your jersey or against some kind of non-absorbing fabric that most MX gear is made from just won't cut it. You need something purpose-built to get the job done and get it done properly. Don't waste time smearing it all around and making more of a mess, just grab some tabs. It's the best small investment decision you'll ever make. 

Making tear offs for both Main and Airspc goggles, Fox have your eyes covered in the event of a storm. Check out the full range of Fox Air Space Tear-offs and Fox Main Tear-offs today and see your future clearly.