Fox Main tear-offs will have you seeing clearly in an instant with just a quick pull of a tab. Don't let hazy, roosted up vision get you down and ruin your day of riding, just grab some tear-offs and you're good to go! Gone are the days of smearing your MX goggles with the back of your jersey and turning your lens into smear city with no way out in sight. There's nothing worse than when no matter what you do you just can't get your lenses clean. Repeated attempts of this can turn a fun day at the track or trails into a clouded vision of dirt, dust, and grime that strains your eyeballs to see and could potentially cause a collision or stack. 

Avoid all of this and add some tear-offs to your cart! Suited to the Fox Main goggles in both adults and kids sizes, once you give these a go you'll be buying them for the whole family! Our value bulk buy options will save you time and money. Get amongst these today and see clearly for a full day of riding and protect your lenses from scratches and chips.