Fox Kidney belts are an excellent choice for those wanting some extra protection around their midsection for lower-back support and to keep your vitals safe. If you like feeling secure with no jiggly bits bouncing around when going over the rough stuff then grab yourself a kidney belt, you won't regret it. Built to mimic your body's movements with flexible torso panels, you won't at all feel restricted or like you're wearing a waist trainer. These bad boys won't hold the heat in and leave you in buckets of sweat with its channeled, Biofoam that circulates air around your lower back to promote airflow. Get the perfect fit no matter how much your weight fluctuates with a three-strap retention system that gives you a secure, snug fit every time. 

When you're after a kidney belt then look no further than one by a brand we all know and trust and have been in the game for the better part of 4 decades. Fox Racing know safety and know how important it is for safety gear to fit well. Because if it doesn't fit, it's not able to do its job properly and keep you protected. Check out the full range of kidney belts today for a smart investment decision that could save your lower back and important mid-section bits when things go south and you take a tumble.