Fox goggle lenses are the perfect replacement lens option for your favourite Fox goggles. Lexan anti-fog lenses will have you seeing clearly no matter what condition you're riding in. Whether you're shredding through the trails in dark, shady conditions or you're out on the track in a blistering hot summers day with more glare then a flare gun, you'll be sure to find a lens to suit your eyeball needs. 

It definitely doesn't hurt to have a few spares in your google case for when the sun gets sad and hides behind a rain cloud which then starts dropping sad tears all over the lands. Not only could this potentially require you to change your lens out for something more suitable for darker conditions but it may also steer you into a poorly placed tree due to dim lighting, resulting in a branch to the face and a scratched lens. No one likes riding with a deep cavernous scratch on your goggles inhibiting your vision. There's no better feeling when you realize you've got a sparey' on hand so you can keep riding scratch free and vision unimpaired. 

Available for Fox Air Defence goggles, Main goggles, and Air space goggles in a huge range of colours and styles, you'll be sure to find something to fit your fav Fox goggles. Check out the full range today and get kitted up with some spares in case you need to do a quick swap-out on your next day out bush or on the track. Or just buy a new one because they look cool and you want to change the look of your goggles or match them with a new gear set your running. There are many reasons to buy a new goggle lens, either way, you really can't go wrong and are a low-cost option to upgrade your goggles without breaking the bank.