Fox Main goggle lenses will be there for you when you when you cop a bit of tree to the face and you're left with a deep unpleasant scratch on your goggle lens, impairing your vision and making you sad. Don't let a banged up lense ruin a day of riding and chuck a few spares in your moto google case for when things get a little loose. With just a quick pop of a lens, you'll be on your way once again with not a care in the world. Not only are these a great addition to your kit bag as spares but they can also serve as an excellent way to change the look of your goggles without buying new ones to achieve a similar look.

Available in a bunch of colours and tints to suit changing weather and riding conditions, you'll be able to pop a new lens in in an instant to keep up with you wherever your ride takes you. Also available for the kids and adults alike, there's something here for the whole family. For emergency spares, to change the look of your goggles, or be there for you when your riding conditions have changed, check out the full range of lenses to suit your favourite Fox Main goggles today!