Fly Racing goggle lenses are a super simple and economical way to replace a broken or banged up lens from a stack or a tree collision. Why buy a new pair of MX goggles when you can simply and easily replace the lens with one from Flys extensive lens range! Available for both the Fly Racing Zone goggles and Fly Focus goggles, you'll be sure to find a suitable lens to swap your existing one with.  Whether you're riding in dark or light conditions you can safely assume there is a Fly lens to suit the changing weather. From clear to amber, blue to chrome, gold to tinted blue, they all serve their purpose and in just one flick of a lens, you can go from dark to light riding conditions with ease. 

Constructed of high-grade polycarbonate materials that are anti-scratch and anti-fog, these lenses will put up with all sorts of hot and humid rides without fogging up and obscuring your vision. Available for both adults and kids Focus and Zone goggle lens sizes, there's a lens here for a whole family of motocross riders!  Check out the full range of Fly Racing goggle lenses today for the perfect vision in any condition.