Fly Racing Lite gloves will have your hands covered with nothing but pure air and white fluffy clouds. Well, the air part is correct due to its epic ventilation, and the cloud part will depend on how high you jump. Even though so far this sounds like a bit of stretched truth, it's nowhere near as stretchy as the ultra lightweight fabric utilized in this super soft race glove. Everything that's gone into these MX gloves has been well-thought-out with a huge focus on making them weigh next to nothing...literally. 

You may think that with such an emphasis on making these feel like a nudist preferred glove that the protection level for your hands would be at an all-time low and still potentially cause blisters and other hand hindrances. Luckily the guys at Fly forethought this conundrum and came up with a super light, yet highly protective and perforated synthetic leather palm which is not only ultra durable and shields your hands like a boss, but it also cools you down and manages moisture like an Arctic frosty snow storm...minus the wet part of that. 

Have a gander at the full range of Fly Lite gloves and get kitted up with some ultra-light hand protection that won't weigh you down. Available in adults as well as kids sizes there's something here for the whole family!