Fly Racing body armour is one to check out when you're in the market for a new roost protector or padded armour. Comfortable and streamlined, this body armour is designed to take on all sorts of track or trail mayhem and keep you safe with the option to wear it under a jersey. Some MX body armour can cause injury in the event of a stack due to plastic rivets and high points that dig in. Fly Racing has bypassed this problem in their body armour range by utilizing a revolutionary biofoam chassis attachment system and uses soft plastics and TPR rubbers without high points. This makes this body armour one of the safest on the market and one you can trust your life with without the potential of causing further injury like some others in its class. 

Just to make riding even safer when getting up to all sorts of trouble on the track or trails the guys at Fly have designed their body armour to be MX neck brace compatible. A truly versatile product, this body armour is adaptable to suit varying riding conditions and accommodate different attachments. In case you're super comfy thermoformed biofoam chassis gets manky and stank you can quickly remove it for easy washing and a good freshen up. 

You make think that body armour would be hot to wear and cause immense sweating, however with Fly's air channels that have been molded into the biofoam, sweating will be a thing of the past as it allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter. If you like gear that fits well and doesn't jiggle around making you feel like you need a moto kidney belt just to keep your gear in place then you'll love the adjustable shoulder straps to help you get that perfect custom fit. 

Check out the Fly Racing body armour range today and get your rig in some top quality protective gear that could prevent injury and may even save your life.