Ethika Mens Staple aren't your average pair of men's underwear. These things are in a league of their own when it comes to a pair of MX underwear that outperforms any other brand and looks so rad that it can't even be put into words. Whether you prefer more of a plain, minimalist pair of moto undies, or you love a good pair of stand-outs with some whacky designs that will get plenty of attention, there's a pair of Ethika Staples that we're confident you'll fall in love with. The amount of epic prints and patterns the guys at Ethika continually pump out is beyond us. The range is absolutely MASSIVE... and we're not actually sure how they manage to deliver so many sick designs, season after season. 

The aesthetics of these bad boys are one thing, but what we are yet to mention is the fit and feel...which some of you may already know, is unbelievably soft yet stretchy and supportive all at the same time. The perfect blend of fabrics makes this underwear up there with what it would probably feel like to dive into a bed of white fluffy clouds...if you didn't happen to fall through them/and or get wet...because what you won't find in a pair of Ethikás, is moisture. Ethika's are designed to wick moisture away, with breathability at an all-time high. With Ethika Mens staples being the best looking MX underwear we've seen to date, and breathability and comfort well taken care of, with enough sizes to fit all sorts of shapes and sizes, it comes as no surprise that Ethika Staples are one of our most popular products that we stock. 

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