For top quality wet weather riding gear, you simply can't look past the DriRider Thunderwear range. There's absolutely nothing worse than being out on the roads on your bike and mother nature decides to open the skies on you, especially if you're wearing some non-water-resistant kit! You'll want to ensure you've got a set of DriRider Thunderwear stowed away somewhere to quickly chuck on, so no matter where you're headed, you can get there in any weather conditions. Carrying the same premium quality on display in the rest of the DriRider range, this stuff is worth its weight in gold if the rain decides to come play.

We've got both colour options available here, so whether you're after the plain black set or the hi-vis jacket and pants, MXstore has got you covered (literally!). Don't take a chance with the wet weather and invest in some DriRider Thunderwear today. Any order over $20 will qualify you for free shipping to anywhere in Australia, so don't let the fear of expensive shipping hold you back when it comes to protecting yourself from the wet.