Answer knee guards are the perfect solution to prevent banged up knees when you're traveling at remarkable speeds on the track or through the trails and come un-stuck, tumbling knee first into the dirt, or a tree, or some other hard object that seems to appear everytime you take a fall. Answer knee guards are available in three ranges to suit toddlers, kids, and adults - now you can kit the whole family out in protective knee guards that are super affordable! 

For the 4-9-year-olds we have the Answer Prodigy knee guards to help prevent scuffed knees. A soft chassis constructed of ventilated bio-foam, along with soft, comfortable elastic bands, make these MX knee guards super comfy for a full day of riding. For larger kids sizes the Answer Kids knee guards are the way to go. These high-impact, hardy outer plastic shells with a nice soft internal biofoam, make these a popular choice for the older kids who are serious about racing. Answer adult knee guards will give the adult riders out there that added peace of mind for those worried about knee injuries, because as we all know, once you bust a knee, it's fairly problematic for many years at best, but more than likely for eternity. Sorry, that was a bit doom and gloom!

Check out the full range of Answer Racing knee guards today and get your most complex joint of your body protected against impact.