The Acerbis X-Ultimate Hand Guards - the ultimate hand guards for dirt bike riding! No really, these things are actually pretty damn epic. Let's put aside the fact that they look insanely rad with their polka dot appearance for a second and focus on the other features of these things. Firstly, the price point - you're going to struggle to find a solid set of dirt bike hand guards for anything less than these X-Ultimate Hand Guards, and the fact that they're coming from one of the powerhouse brands in the handguard market in Acerbis means you are definitely on to a winner. They're super easy to install and come complete with a universal mounting kit that will fit both your Fat Bars and your 7/8" handlebars, as well as Twin Walls if you have them. Last but not least, they also have removable upper and lower spoilers that offer you the option of turning them into some seriously ventilated guards for those hot days. Pretty damn awesome, right?

MXstore is proud to stock a huge range of the Acerbis X-Ultimate Hand Guards, and they're definitely one of our more popular ranges when it comes to hand guards. There are colour combinations to suit almost any and every preference out there, and given the strength and durability of these guys, you won't have to be forking out for another set of handguards anytime soon. And speaking of having to fork out, you certainly won't be forking out for shipping on any of our X-Ultimate Hand Guards here at MXstore, because they all qualify you for free standard shipping to absolutely anywhere in Australia. How good! Do yourself a favour and check out the full range for yourself today, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.