Acerbis Hand Guards are one of the more comprehensive ranges of aftermarket dirt bike hand guards on the market. Whether you are looking to protect your hands from roost on the MX track or are looking for a full wrap around guard that will provide protection from trees (and possibly wild monkeys?) while riding through the bush on a trail ride, there are plenty of options to literally have you covered. No one likes copping rocks to the hands when you're wide open down the back straight, your poor fingers crying out in agony and wondering what they did to deserve such punishment, so a decent set of hand guards can be a huge asset. The Acerbis X-Factory Hand Guards are good enough for Eli Tomac at the Outdoor Nationals, and we think it's safe to say they'd be capable of doing the job for you guys too.

With a range of colours to match every manufacturer, there really is an Acerbis handguard for every application. All of our Acerbis hand guards here at MXstore are supplied with a fitment kit that will work on both a tapered and 7/8” handlebars, so it’s only a matter of selecting a style and a colour and adding it to your cart! We're big fans of the Acerbis X-Ultimate Hand Guards (as if you wouldn't dig the polka dot look), but we're more than confident that no matter what style you end up going with, you will not be disappointed. And you definitely won't be disappointed in the fact that all of our Acerbis Hand Guards will score you free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia, so you can make sure your hard earned dollars are being spent on protecting your precious hands and not forking out for additional freight charges. Happy days!