6D helmet spares will sort your lid out when it's in need of some love.Don't rock around in your favourite 6D helmet with broken bits or parts that need attention. These helmets are fine works of art and one of the safest premium helmets that money can buy. A premium product comes with a premium price tag so the last thing you want is to jeopardize the safety that it offers by having parts that are unsound or showing signs of wear and tear. If your visor has seen better days or is no longer existant on your lid then replace it. It's not an expensive task considering the sun, rain and roost protection benefits that it offers. We also stock visor screw sets to get your visor on and stay on. 

Replace old, worn, and sweaty cheek pads with a brand new pair for next to nothing when you consider the original outlay for the helmet. Keep checking back as we are always getting new 6D spares in stock to keep your favourite MX helmet in tip-top condition. Why buy a brand new helmet when you can simply fix or freshen up your existing one! Save hundreds by buying some parts to tend to your lid. Check out the full range today to give your 6D helmet a make-over and make it a nice experience to put your head in.