360fly changed the game. While GoPro seemed to have a stranglehold on the helmet camera market, it took something truly special to come along and shake up the competition. 360fly was exactly that, and boy did they hit the ground running. Their 360fly HD Camera was so much more than just a camera. Designed to capture the moment as if you were standing right there, from every angle, all at once. People lost their minds over the technology, and suddenly 360fly was the hottest brand name on everyone's lips. Fully immersive, interactive 360 degree video, and whole host of rad accessories to go with it. With professional athletes around the globe jumping at the opportunity to be a part of the 360fly revolution, the brand spread like wildfire, and people everywhere were beyond happy to be a part of it.

Following the success of their first camera, it wasn't long until the HD was followed up by the 360fly 4K. All the amazing features, available in 4K video quality, packed into one of the smallest camera packages in the market. Because at 360fly, limits do not exist, and their incredible products are proof enough of that. Here at MXstore, we're stoked to be a part of the 360fly movement. With Australia's very own Chad Reed flying the flag for the 360fly brand, we know it's a brand that has the right ideas, and we're proud to offer their huge range of products to our loyal customers.