2022 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Proud to Support  |  16 June 2022

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2022 Gold Coast Edition!

Let’s set the scene. It’s the 5th of June and the winter sun is shining on the Gold Coast, it’s that time of the year where it’s cool enough to be wearing a suit, look dapper, and still enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. A total 180 from the weather that occurred on the 22nd of May which postponed the original date of the DGR event.

Fun Facts:

  • The Gold Coast Ride alone had 331 registered riders
  • Raised over $56,000 for the cause (a record year for fundraising)
  • Australia has raised so far $1,011,355 for the cause this year. (3rd on the Global leader board!)
  • For more social rides follow @motosocial_gc

Check out the video below

What is DGR all about?

For those of you that are only just reading about this DGR event for the first time, I’ll give you a quick rundown. DGR stands for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. DGR is a global motorcycle event raising funds and awareness for men’s mental health programs and prostate cancer research on behalf of the Movember Foundation. Riders get dressed in their most distinguished outfits, this year we saw 3-piece suits, lots of twills, waistcoats, matchy matchy vespa patterned suits, and even kilts (thankfully not following traditional Scottish guidelines) and plenty of bow ties. Then they rolled out on their classic style motorcycles, bobbers, scramblers, monkey bikes, sidecars, modern classics, cruisers, and Vespas to take part in the annual ride.

DGR 2022 Recap

At 8:30 the gates opened at Miami Marketta and the Motosocial Marketta was in motion. The Motosocial Marketta was an idea put together by the hosts to make the event more then just the ride. They wanted to open the event up and be able to include family and friends so that all can enjoy the culture and atmosphere of what the motorcycling community is. The crowds were able to enjoy breakfast from the many food trucks, coffees, live music and wonder around the industry stalls that were displaying the finest motorcycle products. There were gear displays by Merlin, TCX, Dririder, Shoei and Bell Helmets. Tom from Purpose Built Moto had some of his finest builds on display, Cube Performance had their Race bikes & truck on Display and The Australian Electric Motor Co were showing off the new Electric powered street bikes. Speaking of Electric Bikes our Special guest speaker for the day Osher Gunsberg was riding his Electric powered Harley Davidson. A sign of the times really, isn’t it?

The rider’s briefing rolled around, and riders were given final instructions on the ride. Guest speaker Osher had the crowd’s attention as he talked about mental health and shared his experience with it. The convoy of 300 odd bikes led by Ride Leader Jena left Miami and rode down the Gold Coast Hwy to Currumbin. Alongside the beautiful Currumbin Beach, heads were turning, and people were stopping to watch and wave as the crowd of bikes passed with their dapper riders. This is what helps raise awareness among the community, being seen like this raises questions and in turn, gets people talking and wanting to know more. After some quick investigation, people find out that it’s the DGR all riding for a cause! The ride then took us inland for a bit to Currumbin Valley to stretch the legs a bit, then over the hill to Tallebudgera Valley and back into town via Burleigh and back to Miami.

The bikes rolled back in welcomed by the spectators awaiting their arrival and given appreciation bags with some goodies and a beer or two in them thanks to Young Henrys and Heaps Normal. A few cool beverages and presentations for best dressed, biggest fundraisers, and numerous bike categories saw riders going home with some pretty cool stuff like a Biltwell helmet, Bell helmet, RST waxed jacket, and a few cases of beer and more. Thank you to all the brands that supported this event.

Stay Dapper,
Jena - @jenarator

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