TCX manufacture high quality motorcycle boots for almost every discipline of riding, offering innovative safety features with clean functional designs, all at a reasonable price. The entire range of TCX motorbike race boots, street and off road motorcycle boots have attained CE certification, meaning they have gone through some of the most demanding testing to ensure that they offer the best available protection while you're on the bike, or in the event of an accident. TCX motorcycle boots include a broad range of adventure/touring boots, many of which feature high end Gore-Tex waterproof materials, ensuring your toes stay comfortable and dry no matter the conditions. The TCX Baja comes in a Gore-Tex model, as well as both a tall and short boot T-Dry waterproof options. The shorter style is appreciated by many adventure and ATV riders, who appreciate the less restrictive height to assist with easier off the bike agility.  For the more sports bike and track specific rider, the RT-Race and RT-Race Pro Air models are on many racers wishlist. For those at the other end of the road going spectrum, the TCX Street Ace and Metropolitan boot models offer a more casual style, and won't look out of place in many more social scenarios where typical boots stick out like a sore thumb.  For the off-road oriented rider, TCX boots offer a variety of enduro and motocross models, made to suit both senior and junior riders. The high end TCX Comp Evo 2 features a Michelin rubber sole to ensure a long lasting and capable point of contact with the bike.  Available in a wide variety of colorways, the TCX range of off-road boots will ensure that you won't struggle to find a boot to either match, or contrast with your riding gear.