Why Every Enduro Rider Should Own a Hydration Pack

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  16 November 2020

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Hydration backpacks are a popular accessory amongst enduro and off-road riders, and they're incredibly handy for a number of reasons which can make your day out on the bike that much better. In this guide, we share why every enduro rider should use one!

The benefits of a hydration pack:

Maintaining hydration: The number one reason for riding with a hydration pack is to obviously keep yourself hydrated while out on those long rides on the trail. Now, the key to your hydration is drinking plenty of water in the lead-up to your ride, but you also need to ensure you keep drinking throughout the day. We all know how hard it is pack a water bottle on a ride, which is where a hydration pack comes in. 

They're available in multiple different sizes, usually ranging with water bladders that hold 1-3 litres - so you can decide how much water is adequate for the length of riding you do, as well how much weight you want to carry around. The bigger the water bladder, the bigger the bag and the more storage options it had - that will be handy for storing some of the items below.

Store food/snacks: Just like keeping yourself hydrated out on the trail or deep in the desert, it's also super important to keep fuelling yourself. A decent-sized hydration pack usually has plenty of room to store small snacks and food, just like a protein bar.

It's incredibly important to continue to fuel yourself with food, especially when you're riding for hours on end, and a protein bar is an ideal way to replenish yourself, and it's small enough to not take up too much room in your hydration pack.

Pack essential tools: If you're not keen on strapping a tool bag to your bike, then your hydration pack serves perfectly to hold a few essential tools. Items such as a couple of T-bars, Allen key set, plus some duct tape and cable ties to get yourself out of trouble, will fit nicely in one of the pockets of your hydration pack.

Store personal items: If you haven't got the gist yet, hydration packs are simply great for storing essential items! Your personal belongings, such as phone, keys and wallet, can live in your hydration pack while out ripping, which means you don't need to risk leaving them in your car and potentially being stolen.

What type of hydration pack is right for me?
There are generally two types of hydration packs, and choosing which one is right for you really depends on the type of riding you're doing, and any of your requirements while out shredding through the bush.

A small hydration pack is perfect for short enduro riding - rides that are generally under an hour, where you can come back to your van or trailer and refill your hydration bladder. Small hydration packs, which usually hold around 1.5 litres of water, are quite a basic bag with minimal options for additional storage. 

A medium to large hydration pack, which holds water ranging from 2-3 litres, is ideal for enduro and off-road riders that are riding for more than one hour. A 2-3 litre hydration bag has an adequate amount of water to last your for most of the ride, while they almost always have plenty of storage room for the items mentioned above, which are essential when you're away from vehicle for such a period of time.

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