Three Reasons To Consider Aftermarket Foot Pegs

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Foot pegs are one of the main contact points on your motocross bike, which makes them an incredibly important component that shouldn't be overlooked. 

While OEM foot pegs generally cater to most riders, there are three reasons why you might consider upgrading them for an aftermarket set.

Increased grip: One of the main reasons riders look to aftermarket foot pegs is increased grip. Stock foot pegs generally serve majority of riders out there, however there are some who like a more planted feel and will opt for an aftermarket dirt bike foot peg. Aftermarket MX foot pegs are generally stronger and lighter than stock, plus they come in a number of variations in terms of shape and size. There's also the fact that they're usually incredibly sharp in comparison to stock, resulting in greater grip on the sole of the boot.

Big feet: Aftermarket off-road foot pegs are an option for riders with big feet who are looking for greater stabilisation and grip on the bike. A platform foot peg is ideal for bigger riders, as they offer a larger and grippier surface area for motocross and enduro riding. A larger foot peg also has the ability to provide a more seamless feel on the brake and gear shifter.

Stock replacement: As we mentioned, stock foot pegs serve most riders very well, but they're not invincible. Over time, they begin to wear down, or in the event of an accident, they can bend or break - but if you find yourself in this situation, we're sure you'll be in a lot more trouble as foot pegs are not easily breakable! However, this is where an aftermarket set would come in, being affordable as well as an upgrade over stock.

Bonus tip: Sharp and grippy foot pegs are great, but they can cause havoc on the soles of your boots. The sharper the foot pegs, the less amount of time you'll get out of your motocross boots, so remember to keep that in mind when you're ordering aftermarket dirt bike foot pegs. It's also a good idea to ensure your boots have an adequate amount of tread on the sole, as if there's little there, even a brand-new set of grippy foot pegs will struggle to bite to the bottom of the boot.

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