Garage Essentials For Dirt Bike Riders

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Bike maintenance is a given when you own a dirt bike, which is why you need to set up a workspace that will not only allow you carry out repairs on your MX bike, but also be a space that you enjoy being in. There are a number of essential items you should consider for your dirt bike garage that will make life easier in getting your pride and joy ready to rip for the weekend's antics.

Bike stand: One of the first things you'll want in your garage setup is a strong, sturdy dirt bike stand that lifts both wheels of the bike off the ground. You're almost always going to be working on your motocross bike while it's on the stand, so you want to make sure it's not going to move and that your bike is well balanced. Having a stand that keeps both wheels off the ground will also make certain aspects of bike maintenance a more enjoyable process.

Tyre changer: A tyre changer, such as the Ballards tyre changer with bead breaker, is a super affordable accessory to have in your dirt bike garage, and it will make life that much easier when you're changing tyres. This is essential for racers who are regularly installing fresh rubber.

Work bench: A strong and sturdy work bench is a must-have for motocross and enduro riders! There are going to be a lot of times where you'll need to undertake repairs or maintenance of parts away from the bike, and a work bench provides the perfect workspace that is clean and comfortable to get the job done.

Tool chest: No dirt bike garage is complete without a tool chest! Tools are something you're likely to keep adding over time, but you'll want all the essential tools to start with, and a tool chest is the best way to store and organise them. You can go one step further and label each section, which will make grabbing what you need a breeze, rather than rustling through a messy toolbox.

Cabinets and shelving: Tyres, dirt bike oils, and spare parts all need to be stored somewhere, so having either cabinets or shelving (or both!) is a must for off-road riders. The last thing you want is to have your spares or old parts just lying around the garage, as it can quickly become disorganised while reducing your working space. 

Cabinets and shelving allow you to store and organise your parts without taking up too much space. The Ballards Workshop Cabinet station is the perfect accessory, where you can store those regularly used lubricants as well as a roll of paper towels, which is always handy.

Air compressor: One of the best investments you can make for your dirt bike garage is an air compressor, which you'll use almost every time you work on your bike. They're just so useful for motocross maintenance, and can be used for cleaning or drying certain parts, blowing out dirt and debris, and inflating your tyres.

Parts washer: A parts washer is another tool that will prove its worth over the years, and you'll find yourself using it more often than not. They're great for doing the obvious - cleaning components - and they also save you from bringing your parts inside to clean them in the sink.

Workshop roller chair: There's going to be a time when you need work on your bike and get low, and a workshop roller chair will save your back and make the job comfortable. It's an affordable accessory that will come in handy.