Five Tips for summer dirt bike riding

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  25 October 2023

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Five Tips For Dirt Bike Riding In the Summer

Summer is upon us here in Australia, which means we're about to head into some seriously hot weekends of dirt bike riding.

In this guide, we highlight five tips for dirt bike riders in the Australian summer.

1. Keep hydrated:

This is an obvious one, but keeping hydrated is incredibly important for summer riding. We all know we need to be getting our fluids up in the lead-up to the day we're riding, so ensure you're downing plenty of water during the week and on the day you're riding. If you're trail riding, then a hydration pack is an absolute must. Ensuring you are replacing what you lose by using rider supplements like Ryno Power to replace those lost electrolytes.

2. Wear vented gear:

If you're riding in the summer and haven't invested in vented riding gear or a jersey, then it's something you need to jump onto immediately. Vented jerseys are ideal for ripping motos on those hot days. Generally, the material they are made from is lighter, more breathable and will keep you cooler than a standard jersey.

3. Pack a towel:

We've gone through keeping yourself hydrated and keeping yourself cool on the bike, and packing a towel is key to keeping yourself cool between motos. How? Well, throw some water on the towel, get it nice and wet, and then throw it around your neck, over your body or over your head and allow yourself to cool off when you're not on the bike. Towels like the Dritimes towels are perfect for this! 

4. Monitor your dirt bike:

Just as you're likely to overheat yourself, remember to always monitor your dirt bike and ensure it's not overheating or using up too much coolant. Your bike will get to some pretty high temps when riding through summer, so it's important to keep an eye on it to prevent any major and costly damage. Try not to run your dirt bike for a long period of time while it's stationary as this will increase the chances of your bike overheating. There are lots of advanced coolants that help your bike run a little cooler, otherwise, you can also look into installing a thermo-fan to keep your bike cooler! 

5. Get in early. 

In the midst of summer, opting to hit the dirt bike tracks or trails early in the morning can be a wise choice to avoid the scorching midday heat. Getting out, having some fun, and packing up to head home before the temperature peaks is always a pro tip, especially on those exceptionally hot days.

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