Sponsorship Comp Results 2015

Competitions & Winners  |  1 February 2015

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Congratulations Joe Pabis 2015 Sponsorship Comp Podium 2015 Sponsorship Comp top 10

Thankyou to everyone who entered!

Thank-you to everyone who entered the 2015 "Win a 1 Year Sponsorship With MXstore" Competition. This year was closer that ever with the winner being decided in the final hours of the last day. We have absolutely loved getting to know you all a little better and have been inspired by many of the 'why should you win' stories. It's refreshing and exciting to see that Australia's off-road motorcycle industry is very much alive-and-kicking, and we look forward to watching how you all perform in the 2015 season. Don't miss the last minute offers below and stay tuned as we endeavor to offer as much support as possible for the 2015 season.

Kind Regards, MXstore Team.


Thankyou to everyone who entered


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