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At the very core of the MXstore business lies the mission of providing customer service beyond expectations. We offer a seamless process of adding a custom print to your next jersey purchase! We were the first motocross retailer in Australia to offer such a service and we couldn't be more stoked with how they look!

The whole printing process is done on site, meaning we have full control over the turnaround time, quality, and final product. Everything is done here in our Burleigh Heads Warehouse on the Gold Coast, eliminating the need to send your jersey off-site to a third-party printer, delaying the whole process and the time it takes for us to get your custom jersey to your front door! We didn't want to take on jersey prints until we could turn it into a seamless in-house process, which meant investing tens of thousands of dollars into the latest state-of-the-art printing technology, the same type of equipment you would find in a top quality stand-alone printing business.

As expensive as all of this sounds, as one of the boxes that needed to be ticked before we delivered this service was to ensure it represented good value-for-money and an affordable add-on. It took some time, but by making the whole process super streamlined and efficient we were able to meet one of our main criteria, providing this service at a low price-point without compromising on quality whatsoever. And we promise you, these things are well worth the wait, and we guarantee you're going to love the prints as much as we do, with our adult Jersey Prints retailing for $49.95, while our kids and toddler Prints will be $44.95.

We now have 3 stylish fonts available, MXfont, Racer & Apache. As well as two colourways to choose from, black on white or white on black. Customise your jersey now! 

If you order before 2pm (AEST Mon-Fri), we aim to send your order the very same day but please allow an extra 24 hours in case! It's now possible to order a custom printed jersey online from your favourite retailer and have it delivered to your door ready to ride, all in record time. Jersey prints are available for all jerseys and make the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for the little ones!

To read up more about the Custom Jersey Prints process, or if you have any further questions, please refer to our Help Centre or alternatively give us a bell on 07 5535 7998 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.



Jersey Prints T's & C's
  • Once an order for a Jersey Print has been placed and paid for, there can be no updates, changes or revisions to the design
  • Jersey prints may add up to 24 hours additional processing time to your order
  • MXstore will not cover any damage, cracking or fading to Jersey Prints under warranty
  • MXstore will not cover any reprint if the name is spelt wrong or the number is incorrect as entered by the customer (Once the print is pressed onto the selected jersey we can no longer exchange or return the jersey)
  • Please also be aware that placement of the jersey print by us will not always be 100% straight as each jersey differs in size and material and cannot always be held in line with the print

To avoid disappointment, before you place a jersey print order please make sure you double-check: your jersey size, print font & colour, your name, number and that you're happy for the MXstore logo to also appear on the print. 

Once you've received your freshly customised jersey, post a shot of your new print on socials! #MXstorejerseyprint

Comments (9)

Print add on

Hi there , can I have the 180 revin blue jersey with a print on the back with my grandsons name an birth year ??? It would be ... TREY 2001 Cheers Mag

Mag Mitchell on 5 December 2020
Hi Mag, That is no problem at all, I have passed this request onto our Customer Service legends! :) They will be in touch soon to organise an order for the Revn jersey and print! I hope you have a great day! Cheers MXstore
MXstore Response

Personlised Jersey

Hi I was hoping to get our logo and race number printed on a Jersey. Are you able to assist with this?

Liza on 8 November 2020
Hi Liza, Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog page! We only have the two templates at this stage for our customers to add their name and number. We don't currently have an option to add custom logos but as we continue to grow, this may be something that we could look at in the future! :) If we can assist you with a jersey print, please reach out to our Customer Service legends and they will be happy to help! Cheers legend, have a good one! ~ MXstore
MXstore Response

cheap fox

can i order a cheap pair of red fox pants and shirt for 9 to 12 year olds

riley on 6 October 2020
Hi Riley, You sure can!! I have just created enquiry #445658 in our system for you so that our Customer Service legends can look into this further and help you find some new red Fox Gear! Have a good one legend and we will talk to you soon! Cheers, MXstore
MXstore Response

Jersey printing

Can i send a mx jersey in and get it printed or do i have to buy a jersey and get it done?

Steven on 15 February 2020
Hey Steven! At this stage we offer jersey prints on new jerseys that have been purchased from us, this allows us to process the prints as efficiently as possible and allows us to ensure the quality is not affected by things like laundry detergents, dirt, and general wear & tear. Thanks!
MXstore Response

Materials used

Hi, what type of material do you use for the names/numbers printed onto the jerseys? Is it a type of vinyl? Thanks

Holly on 15 September 2019
Hi Holly, Thanks for reaching out to us! I have reached out to our Jersey Print team and they have confirmed that the material used is a top of the line heat transfer from Europe! All prints are done in-store and aren't the standard iron-on that you can take home. If you have any questions in regards to our jersey prints, please feel free to reach out to our team! Have a great day! Thanks, MXstore
MXstore Response

jersey iron on

hi there just wanting to know will there be a proof emailed to me before prining

alex on 25 June 2018
Hi Alex, thanks for your question! The jersey prints are all based on the one front in this blog at this stage so we don't necessarily need approval of the jersey print before it is pressed onto the jersey! You are able to have up to 13 characters in the name, and up to 3 characters in the number (the first 'number' may be a letter). We have a lot of images of jersey prints we have previously done on our social media if you'd like to have a look at some examples before purchasing! Let us know if you have any further questions - Have a good one!
MXstore Response


I would like to order the white an purple flex air Fox jersey, bout was wounding if you could make it look like Ken Roczen when he raced a Vegas?

Rich Evans on 2 March 2018
Hi Rich, thanks for your comment on our jersey print blog page! One of our customer service legends will get in touch with you with more information regarding our jersey prints - Talk to you soon :)
MXstore Response

Jersey iron on

Hi just wondering if I could order just the iron in print?

Niomi on 15 February 2018
Thank you for getting in touch! At this stage we do not have the option for an 'at home installation' or iron on service. This may be something we look into in the future though! If the iron on option is definitely something you are after, we do have this iron on jersey ID kit here: Otherwise, if you would like to one of our customer service legends in regards to our in house jersey print options, please give us a call on 07 5535 7998 :) Thanks!
MXstore Response

Jersey bought from MX store

Will you logo a jersey bought recently from mx store ?

David on 11 February 2018
Hi David! Thanks for getting in touch, we'd love to discuss this further with you over the phone, if you could please give us a call on 07 5535 7998 and ask for Cara we can talk about some jersey print options :)
MXstore Response

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