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Ballard's Offroad  |  21 June 2018

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For quick and easy on and off mounting and carrying of your Dirt Bike check out the Ballard's Bike Rack! It includes a secure dual footpeg shackle mounting system (very secure and no need to buy tie downs) combined with the 'steady support' bar for added transporting and lockable theft security, plus the kit includes a clip in ramp bracket and two wheel straps. This really is a must-have for anyone travelling with their bike who wants peace of mind that their bike is safe and secure!

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Surron storm bee

Have great difficulty getting Surron storm bee off bike rack/carrier - Is it too heavy for the Ballard rack? - Storm Bee has very knobbly tyres which get jammed into the bent bars underneath, in fact the bars move slightly and the tyres gets stuck, should the bars be tightened further. - I am using a metal ramp which often gets detached from the rack , falling to the ground as I rock the bike to get it unnjammed and onto the ramp. Any suggestions please

Rayner on 4 October 2023
Hey mate, sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with the Ballards bike rack! The Surron Bee is very similar in weight to most dirtbikes and does not exceed the max load recommended for the rack! In regards to the ramp the rack comes with an attachment which you can add a custom length ramp to that does slot in to the end of the rack to help prevent this issue, if you are missing this piece please let the customer service team know and we can assist in organising a new one! If you could also send through some pictures and more information for the tyres we can help recommend some fixes!
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How tight should turnbuckles be?

Hi Carrier is working well but I am concerned about how much to screw down the turnbuckles. I know you can blow out fork seals using tie down straps from overtightening. Can you pls advise how much we should be tightening/screwing down the turnbuckles so we do not damage the shock?

Joe on 18 September 2023
Hey mate, as the bike mounts are focused to the middle of your bike the fork seals don't get as much pressure applied when tying it down! We recommend to tighten the turnbuckles as much as needed to safely secure your bike :)
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Bike Rack carrier

Gday Mate I bought a carrier to put behind my Mitsubishi Fuso. Any advice on how to stop the sway in the rack? It moves quite a bit and would expect this would stress the metal more than necessary. Can supply a photo of my first fit it does look pretty good:).

Tony Snell on 26 April 2022
Hey Tony, We do offer a steady support bracket, otherwise you can put it on the closest setting to the vehicle, get the turnbuckles nice and tightly adjusted, and be sure to have the steady support arm down nice and tight and it should be as stable as anything. Please feel free to send us any images to and we can look into it further for you!
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Awesome Rack

Setting up a Toyota Coaster Motorhome. Your rack system looks brilliant.... good work love it. Just have to learn how to ride a bike again....

Dave Auricht on 21 January 2020

Great Video

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Very Helpful.

Mac on 3 January 2019

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