How To: Ballard's Ultimate Tyre Levers

Ballard's Offroad  |  30 January 2017

How To: Ballard's Ultimate Tyre Levers main image


The Ballard's Ultimate Tyre Levers - Need we say more? ..... Oh go on then we will ......  

These bad boys have been put through the toughest scrutiny from the top ISDE riders. Not only that, they now come with expertly shaped ends to slide into and out of those tricky full bead pressure spots! You know what we're talking about! The palm ends feature 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 17mm spanner sizes, designed to fit and work the the Ballard's Mini Offroad Chainbreaker.

Perfect for the bumbag or toolbox! .... do you not own a set yet? .... what are you waiting for? .... grab a pair and go riding! 


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