Bell 2020 Helmets Range

Latest MX Releases  |  12 August 2019

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  • Bell Powersports 2020 Helmet Collection
  • Bell Powersports continues to lead the way as one of the premier brands in safety, progression and protection in both offroad and road moto helmets. Their 2020 collection sees a host of flashy, style packed designs and colours across the class-leading Moto-9 Flex, Moto-9 MIPS, MX-9 MIPS, and MX-9 MIPS Adventure helmets. An action packed collection that you don't want to miss!

    We were fortunate enough to sit down with Bell heavyweight Dan Reardon as well as Bell Senior Sales Manager Gary Marquis to learn more about both the Bell brand and the technology on offer in the 2020 helmets line. If you're interested in the safety and performance side of Moto helmets, we highly recommend giving it a watch before checking out the range!

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