Review Your Purchase To Win

Reviews  |  20 September 2017

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Review Your Purchase To Win

Write a helpful product review and you could win a $100 MXstore Gift Voucher!


How it Works:

Leaving your product review is easy. Simply click through to your product on the MXstore website and hit the 'REVIEWS' tab (near the product description). Then click the "WRITE A REVIEW" button. Alternatively, once you've received your order, you'll get an email asking you to leave a product review, so simply follow the prompts in the email. However, please note that you don't need to wait for the email to come through. Once you've left a review you will be in the running for the weekly $100 MXstore gift voucher draw. This will run Monday to Sunday each week, and we'll draw on the following Monday. The lucky winner will be notified by phone or email. We'll also announce winners in the weekly email that we send - so stay tuned!


A 'Helpful' Review:

Leave a review that helps others to make an informed decision on the product. The more useful information you can leave, the more likely it will help the next person. Feedback such as "I love it" is good, but saying why you love it is even better! Feedback on the fit, the size, the weight, how it works for you, value for money etc. is what you want to read as a customer, so that's the type of review we're after!

At some point, you might be reading someone's review - Karma! So the better your review, the more likely others will write more helpful reviews. If there were any issues with the delivery of your order or there was some kind of warranty case, please contact our friendly customer service team and we will gladly help resolve any issues.

Thank you!


The MXstore Team