MX Nationals Piss Pot To Pro Series by Lusty Industries featuring Hunt&Co.

Latest MX Releases  |  10 December 2015

MX Nationals Piss Pot To Pro Series by Lusty Industries featuring Hunt&Co.  main image

From humble beginnings in the NSW outback a close group of friends have moved out, explored and brought together new ideas, ways of living and want to share this way of living through Hunt&Co. Combining the love of bikes, boards and adventure they bring timeless product to complement the adventurous lifestyle that they seek. ​Inspired by their love of the clean, simple vintage look. Their Moto Jerseys are a little different to anything else on the market. 100% Polyester vented material which is light and durable to complement the clean look.


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Piss Pot To Pro is an idea 2 mates Ryan Hunt and Jacob Collier both from Moree, a town in Western New South Wales came up with as part of Ryan's decision to throw everything in a hat and following a dream to race a full season of the Australian MX Nationals.

Like so many racers out there, Ryan has always been a fast guy but due to financial difficulties and commitments he was never able to compete at a National level and be as successful as desired. While they both live in a small town they have small group of friends who all decided partying and carrying on took priority on the weekends and soon enough Motocross took a back seat int he life of young group of rowdy country kids.

Come mid 2013 and Ryan completely turned his life around with the encouragement and guidance of long time friend Johnny Mclean to give up the booze (from January 1), train like a demon, save money (as well as borrow) to give it his all at a life goal that most dream of but never achieve or attempt. With the help of a number of sponsors, Ryan and Jacob plan to compete in the Pro Lites championship at MX nationals. With Jacob a very passionate amteur videographer these 2 kids plan on travelling the country side to race and film the life of a true privateer in Motocross as well as making sure they are home for work during the week.

Come with them on a journey across the country as they attempt to make it to the races on a budget some would call impossible. There will be many amateur Motocross riders that will be able to relate to where Ryan has been and now where he has turned it around to find himself heading to round 1 of the MX Nationals to capture the character, work ethic and humour of Ryan and show how it is possible to pull out of the rut that a lot of skilled motocross racers fall into during the late teenage to early twenty years.




















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