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Fox 2017 Collection:

The undeniable leader of the motocross industry is without a doubt Fox Racing. The much anticipated arrival of the Fox 2017 Motocross Gear Collection is set to hit Australian shores early August 2016.

In the lead up to the 2017 official release all eyes have been on Fox team riders Ryan Dungey (current AMA supercross national champion) and Ken Roczen (current points leader of the AMA outdoor nationals series). Both athletes are at the top of their game and are known to have early access to the new and limited edition gear which usually ends being splashed across their social media pages.

With speculation as to what is new and what has been improved from Fox in 2017 one thing is certain that Fox are the leaders in product development across their entire range of Motocross Gear, Protective Gear and Accessories.

FLEXAIR: For 2017 Fox built upon the ground-breaking success of the signature FLEXAIR gear by updating the fit and wearability of the gear.

Check out Fox Flexair Motocross Gear Here

360: New for 2017 Fox updated the iconic 360 kit to improve durability and comfort, we are confident you are going to love what’s new in the 2017 Fox 360 MX Gear Range.

Check out Fox 360 Motocross Gear Here

180 Race: New colours, designs and technology implemented across the 180 range will ensure that the value for money motocross gear is a best seller.

Check out Fox 180 Race Motocross Gear Here

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