Dirt bike motocross boots get a beating from their riders whether it is riding off-road, Moto or enduro, which make boot spares essential so that your mx boots are always held together during the extreme conditions.

The most popular boot parts that we have available can include, strap kits, toe caps, buckle screws, buckle kits, and more! Boot straps are great to have in the gear bag ready for that unexpected loss of a buckle strap that could potentially end your day if you loose multiple. Fox, Sidi, Alpinestar, Gaerne, Oneal, Leatt and Forma are just some of the best selling brands that we stock spare parts for. Some of the high-end brands also offer an SRS system (Sole Replacement System) which allows you to replace the sole to new if the rest of the boot is still in reasonable condition and this will save you the money of having to buy a whole new set of boots. Remember to keep in mind when purchasing boot spares that they are all specific to the brand and model of boot, for example, Alpinestars tech 10, Tech 7, tech 3, and fox instinct boots compared to a standard Comp boot or even your Sidi Crossfire 3 against the entry-level sidi srs boots.

Motocross boot straps are easily interchangeable with their simple ratchet like system that allows them to slip in and out easily but still keep them secure during riding. Mx boot spares and replacement buckles are available for those enduro boots also that take a massive beating in the bush with the ridiculous amount of trees and rocks that come into plays throughout an enduro ride.